About Us

Carl Rontgen was founded in 1848 and is currently in its 6th generation. For over 170 years the company has experience with the production of bandsaw blades for the wood industry. This makes Carl Rontgen one of the oldest producers of narrow and wide bandsaw blades for the wood industry.

With the entrance of the former CEO Carl Thomas Rontgen (current shareholder and advisor) in 1982, Carl Rontgen was transformed to a modern business with high quality products, and global distribution. Now 36 years later, under the leadership of the siblings Angela Ross and Carl Oliver Rontgen, the company continues its advancements and global growth.

Portrait of Angela Ross & Carl Oliver Rontgen.

Family business by tradition. The siblings Angela Ross & Carl Oliver Rontgen have managed the family business since 2018 in the 6th generation.