General informations

Our bandsaws can be used for several kinds of wood, whether hard or soft, pinewood or wood from deciduous trees. We can produce each saw in such way that you can achieve maximum success.

You can receive our products with our main branding „Carl Rontgen“. Upon your request you can get the saws with your logo or unbranded.

Next to the tooth shapes shown below, we are also able to manufacture variable toothed (broached) blades, as well as winter-toothed, from which you can increase yield when cutting frozen wood.

These forms can be made available for bandsaw blad widths between 50mm an 311mm.

We can create and produce individualized tooth shapes that can be perfectly coordinated to your production.

Amongst others, we routinely produce bandsaw blades for use on machines from Mebor, Schulte, HEMA and EWD.

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